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        Product Advantages

        01Large filtration area and high filtration efficiency

        The filter type is the most important consideration for the filter area. The large area can be used for high flow rate and high filtration efficiency.
        The plate and frame filter adopts the parallel structure of the plate and frame filter media. Each filter material forms a filter unit with the adjacent plate frame. The more the number of plate frames, the larger the filter area...

        02Suitable for a variety of filter media

        The square sealing strip on the filter plate frame is a unique practical design of our company. It can improve the sealing effect and make the machine applicable to a variety of filter materials, such as thin filter cloth, filter paper, filter membrane and thick filter paperboard. .
        Users can also superimpose two kinds of filter materials according to the filtering needs, such as pre-coating filter aids such as activated carbon or diatomaceous earth on coarse filter paperboard, or adding PP microporous filter membrane on embedded cardboard, etc. Filter effect.

        03Wide range of applications, no risk of selection

        Different effects such as coarse filtration, fine filtration, microfiltration and sterilization can be achieved by selecting filter materials with different specifications and precision.
        Polypropylene plate frame, acid and corrosion resistant, suitable for filtration of various liquid materials at room temperature; stainless steel plate frame, more suitable for hot filtration of high temperature liquid materials.

        04Practical design, scientific and reasonable structure

        The avenue frame filter has added many practical designs in the continuous improvement, making the structure of the machine scientific and reasonable, efficient and practical.
        In addition to the square seal design, the unique bump filter support structure has good support effect, easy liquid circulation and cleaning, and less residual liquid between the sheets; the sampling valve on the sight can be used for the gas inside the filter.

        05Fine workmanship and reliable quality

        Fine manufacturing technology, advanced production equipment, strict quality inspection, reliable product quality, exquisite appearance, in line with the sanitary standards of medical food.
        Uniform mold and standardized production ensure that there is no dripping between the filter plate and the frame, the channel is smooth and free of dead angle, efficient and durable without deformation. Quick-fit joints for easy installation and removal, ISO international standard valve fittings for integrated equipment shop.

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